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Very good

It is a easy way to learn the basics and very helpful to help you communicate

Great App!

This is a really great app for beginners in this language, though I wish they could teach you the alphabet first before anything.

i love this app

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you to help us to learn ukrainian a language Дякую .

Ukraine speak

Great app. It's really helped me remember my childhood language.


Great quality app for a free app. It is better than 90% of free apps

Very easy to use!!

I really like this app, easy to use and learn from!!

Fine app

Will need more than this app

Nice app. Looks well organized

Nice app. Looks well organized. I hope to learn some basics before going to Kiev

Great App

There are a lot of Kiev Marts where I live and no one at them speaks English and this has helped a lot. I can communicate now!

Great for Beginners

I love this as a new "student" to Ukrainian language. Very helpful

Download this amazing app!

Such a great app! I love it in order to learn a new, beautiful language. Very very helpful!!

Great vocabulary builder!

Excellent and intuitive app to build basic vocabulary in Ukrainian, complete with several varied activities to reinforce memory in each category (animals, travel, food, body parts etc). Uses images and clear audio samples for each word presented. Not intended for the more advanced language learner. Overall- this is a great tool to help beginners!


Great app! Easy to use and fun!



Brush up on your Ukrainian

My mother speaks Ukrainian. I thought I could learn Ukrainian with this app. She looked at the app and found that it was an app for you to brush up on your Ukrainian. So if you know how to speak Ukrainian this is a good app for you.


Good stuff


Just want I need

Great app

This app has been very helpful for me. It contains lots of vocabulary. It speaks the words. It has helped me to learn to pronounce key words.


Great learning app. There is a lot of information and variety. Very helpful!

Great app

Variety of every day words and makes the content approachable


Crashes a lot but fun to play

Begging for reviews is annoying

Offering your product for free is no excuse for adding an omnipresent annoyance.


Easy to use on the go.


Fun, easy way to learn Ukrainian!

Gd luck

Best app ever for Ukrainian language


Works fine and really helps me learn

Nice app

As a Ukrainian I like how easy it is to learn the language....Slava Ukraini

Great learning tool!

Very nice. My five year old loves it!


Very good app. I highly recommend it.

No audio?

How is anyone supposed to learn these languages when you can't hear what the words are supposed to sound like? There is no audio. I tried just striking the audio button, and I tried holding it down, and neither method creates any sound at all. There's also no help or settings feature, so who even knows whether there's something special you have to do to get it to work correctly. Unless it's only the free versions that have faulty audio, but I certainly wouldn't pay for the full versions without knowing how effective the programs even have the potential to be.

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